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P.B. Industries, Inc.

100% Owner Operators

P.B. Industries, Inc., an Illinois Corporation, founded in 1985, is an Intermodal Carrier specializing in the transportation of marine containers and servicing the international markets. P.B.I. with its operations located throughout the United States having 48 state authority with terminals in major ports and cities.

Its principal products are a complete logistics package including the loaded container truck movement, container yard services, local door delivery, domestic FCL and LCL services, project cargo, cross towns, and return to rail/port. These services are sold to importers and exporters through custom brokers, NVOCC, freight forwarders, steamship lines, and other service firms engaged in the international and domestic movement of cargo. All of our locations maintain a fleet of leasing company chassis available for long or short-term lease to cover any equipment shortage that may arise.

P.B.I. has committed itself to being the best Logistics service provider in the industry. To accomplish this, we have attracted experienced people, acquired the physical facilities and developed the quality control procedures necessary to professionally service customer logistic requirements. Additionally, P.B.I. is a company with an obsession in regards to customer satisfaction and that obsession constitutes the primary objective of all company employees.

Excellence in Transportation Business!

In a relatively short span of time, P.B.I. has achieved world-class status in terms of Intermodal operation.

With series of service enhancements, P.B.I.'s Midwest service network is now better than ever. We firmly believe our customers are the principal sponsors of our accomplishments. Hence, recognizing our customers' needs for intermodal and logistic movement has provided the impetus for us to consistently improve and enhance our service in every aspect of transportation.

As a key component of our service program, P.B.I.'s sophisticated communications systems are constantly being upgraded and expanded to facilitate timely track and trace services for our customers. Thus, our valued customers can rely upon our distinguished service and professional expertise from all levels of management and personnel.

P.B.I. has made great effort in maximizing service quality and efficiency.P.B.I. will continue to upgrade the integrity of our commitment to improve service quality and diversity to grow with our valued customers. P.B.I. seeks to emerge as one of the competitive leaders in the transportation industry.



We pay a high percentage of gross rates!!



Job TitleCity, State
Owner Operator Tractor TrailerMeldrim, GA  31302
Owner Operator Local IntermodalBeecher, IL  60401
Owner Operator Local IntermodalCrest Hill, IL  60403
Owner Operator Local IntermodalShorewood, IL  60404
Owner Operator Local IntermodalBraidwood, IL  60408
Owner Operator Local IntermodalChannahon, IL  60410
Owner Operator Local IntermodalChannahon, IL  60410
Owner Operator Local IntermodalCrete, IL  60417
Owner Operator Local IntermodalElwood, IL  60421
Owner Operator Local IntermodalFrankfort, IL  60423
Owner Operator Local IntermodalBolingbrook, IL  60440
Owner Operator Local IntermodalLockport, IL  60441
Owner Operator Local IntermodalManhattan, IL  60442
Owner Operator Local IntermodalRomeoville, IL  60446
Owner Operator Local IntermodalMokena, IL  60448
Owner Operator Local IntermodalMonee, IL  60449
Owner Operator Local IntermodalNew Lenox, IL  60451
Owner Operator Local IntermodalPeotone, IL  60468
Owner Operator Tractor TrailerPeotone, IL  60468
Owner Operator Local IntermodalWilmington, IL  60481
Owner Operator Local IntermodalWilmington, IL  60481
Owner Operator Local IntermodalUniversity Park, IL  60484
Owner Operator Local IntermodalBolingbrook, IL  60490
Owner Operator Local IntermodalHomer Glen, IL  60491
Owner Operator Tractor TrailerAurora, IL  60503
Owner Operator Local IntermodalPlainfield, IL  60544
Owner Operator Local IntermodalPlainfield, IL  60585
Owner Operator Local IntermodalNaperville, IL  60564
CDL Owner OperatorsMeldrim, GA  31302
CDL Owner OperatorsSavannah, GA  31402
CDL Owner OperatorsMeldrim, GA  31401
CDL Owner OperatorsMeldrim, GA  31404
Owner Operator Local IntermodalMeldrim, GA  31405
Owner Operator Local IntermodalMeldrim, GA  31401